Tomten #2: Oh knitting how you continue to humble me! & Ski Update

Tomten #2
Last night, I thought I should count the sts on the sleeve just make sure I have the same amount on the front  and back of the sleeve. Of course I don’t, why would I, and how the heck did I screw that up, and better yet where?  Oh and I am off a sizable amount of sts as well!  UGH!  Thoughts of frogging came running into my mind and then the epiphany of WHO WILL KNOW, WHO WILL KNOW, NO ONE WILL KNOW, UNLESS I TELL SOME ONE!  (Meanwhile you are all saying you just told the WORLD!) Now I am decreasing under the arm at random places on the back side of the sleeve to get down to 25 sts to match the front of the sleeve!  What is a bit funny is I am actually even marking the decrease sts on the top of the sleeve on either side of the knit sts that will fun down the sleeve something I never do and what happens I still screw up my sts count!  Knitting how you continue to humble me!

A little ski update:

Yesterday, I finally got to day 100 of skiing (April 19, 2015) and it was another nice jaunt up the sea ice in the late afternoon.  Up north you could tell they were getting snow but we seemed to be right on the front line, under northern blue sky.  We had a north wind so skiing back was nice and fast.

"The Girls" and I out for an afternoon sea ice ski.


shandy said…
You certainly look visibly trimmer in this picture! Well done you!
knitski said…
Thank you for your kind words, Shandy! Not eating wheat has been far easier than I thought and the rewards have been endless! Thanks again!