Spring Sea Ice Ski

One of the many things I enjoy about living way out here on "The Edge" as I often call it is my spring sea ice skis.  Norton Sound freezes over in the winter to varying degrees.  The sea ice moves about all winter long.  Sometimes we get a west wind which floods the sea ice and pushes it under water.  Sometimes an east wind blows it out to sea.  Recently, we had a north wind which pushes the sea ice right back into us here in Unalakleet.

Yesterday's after work ski was wonderful.  Nice sea ice to ski on and we just cruised north along the beach it was perfect!  +16ºF, hardly an wind and sunshine!  The dogs ran around finding caribou bones to chew on and the token left over silver salmon parts to try their best to eat before we caught them.

4/16/15 sea ice ski on Norton Sound

We just love winter and sliding around on snow!