April: What the HECK!

I hate to say this but yes once again time is flying by and I can hardly hold the reins!  Since I teach school, it seems like certain parts of the year rip by, others drag, and yet before you know it the end of the school year is closing in on me! 

I have been having several discussions with myself about social media lately.  Why do we need to tell the world all out thoughts and every movement?  Why do we even think this important?  Who the heck cares anyway?  How much information do we need to have out there in the cyber world about us?  I don't even know all the ways one can share their world with others.  I know there are all these sites, and formats, and options . . . I use facebook which I admit I use to often and waste far too much time on!  I am about to deactivate it for months here once this week-end's ski race is over!  I love to blog and find this far more relaxing.  I would rather blog than use FB but I get caught up in FB to much to often as I just look at what others are doing and posting.  I like to connect up with friends and have a lot of friends around the world.  It is time to say enough FB for at least 4 mos or more----or forever possibly???  

I am back on Twitter and I like Twitter far more than FB. Yes, it is still social media but I like the format and the brevity of tweets.  I like who/what I can follow and not follow. I was on twitter and then freaked out about social media and deleted my account.  Now I am back on and I do like the news feeds more on twitter.

The blog is just a fun way to force me to write more and to share my world with who ever is interested.  Yes, it would be great if I got more comments.  I do know people are checking in and reading the blog. You are at least looking at the photos.  This is all fine and dandy with me. 

I love the early mornings and writing during this relaxing time of the day.  It is always nice to have a easy start of the day with my coffee.  I get up M-F at 5:00 a.m. This time is pretty special to me.  I walk the dogs, feed them and get on this machine.  I have a dear friend that we each write to each other every morning.  It is part of the routine and we love it!  The early morning short dog walk is often full of northern lights, stars, sometimes howling winds, cold, snow, rain, or just a glorious sun rise depending on the time of the year. 

We are now at 14 hours and 27 minutes of daylight as of today.  Our shortest amount of daylight is 4 hours and 17 minutes.  The yearly shift in daylight I really enjoy.