4-Wheelers, Snow-machines, Boats on Sea Ice: It must be Spring!

I love the long hours of sunlight in the spring.  It is nice to see more people out and about as they get ready to hunt for seals and the returning migrating birds.  This time of the year the locals haul their boats out across the sea ice by 4-wheelers or snow-machines.  I always find this a bit crazy but it is what has been since the beginning of time.  Last night on the evening the dog walk, we could see about 5 4-wheelers way out on the edge of the sea ice, several boats out in the water, and a few snow-machines out there on the edge as well. 

This morning on the dog walk here is a boat that will be going back out to the sea by 4-wheeler or snow-machine later today.

Boat on the beach ice waiting to head back out for some seal hunting later today.