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4-Wheelers, Snow-machines, Boats on Sea Ice: It must be Spring!

I love the long hours of sunlight in the spring.  It is nice to see more people out and about as they get ready to hunt for seals and the returning migrating birds.  This time of the year the locals haul their boats out across the sea ice by 4-wheelers or snow-machines.  I always find this a bit crazy but it is what has been since the beginning of time.  Last night on the evening the dog walk, we could see about 5 4-wheelers way out on the edge of the sea ice, several boats out in the water, and a few snow-machines out there on the edge as well. 

This morning on the dog walk here is a boat that will be going back out to the sea by 4-wheeler or snow-machine later today.

Tomten #2: Oh knitting how you continue to humble me! & Ski Update

Last night, I thought I should count the sts on the sleeve just make sure I have the same amount on the front  and back of the sleeve. Of course I don’t, why would I, and how the heck did I screw that up, and better yet where?  Oh and I am off a sizable amount of sts as well!  UGH!  Thoughts of frogging came running into my mind and then the epiphany of WHO WILL KNOW, WHO WILL KNOW, NO ONE WILL KNOW, UNLESS I TELL SOME ONE!(Meanwhile you are all saying you just told the WORLD!) Now I am decreasing under the arm at random places on the back side of the sleeve to get down to 25 sts to match the front of the sleeve!  What is a bit funny is I am actually even marking the decrease sts on the top of the sleeve on either side of the knit sts that will fun down the sleeve something I never do and what happens I still screw up my sts count!  Knitting how you continue to humble me!

A little ski update:

Yesterday, I finally got to day 100 of skiing (April 19, 2015) and it was another nice jaunt…

Spring Sea Ice Ski

One of the many things I enjoy about living way out here on "The Edge" as I often call it is my spring sea ice skis.  Norton Sound freezes over in the winter to varying degrees.  The sea ice moves about all winter long.  Sometimes we get a west wind which floods the sea ice and pushes it under water.  Sometimes an east wind blows it out to sea.  Recently, we had a north wind which pushes the sea ice right back into us here in Unalakleet.

Yesterday's after work ski was wonderful.  Nice sea ice to ski on and we just cruised north along the beach it was perfect!  +16ºF, hardly an wind and sunshine!  The dogs ran around finding caribou bones to chew on and the token left over silver salmon parts to try their best to eat before we caught them.

Wheat Free-Wheat Belly

For some time, I have secretly laughed at the Wheat Belly book that I would see in airports when traveling.  I thought  to myself give up bagels . . . what the heck now we will attack wheat too!  UGH!

Last summer my husband's doctor suggest he read the book Grain Brain.  Of course he didn't read it and of course I did read it.  I found it interesting, a bit to much science for me at times, but I thought oh my no way could/would I give up all this stuff! (Wheat, grain, sugar, carbs  . . . )

Fall of 2014 came along and I needed something to read.  This Wheat Belly kept showing up on my Kindle as a suggested read.  Wheat Belly was on the NY Times list and I am sure many other reading lists. I would read a few reviews and skip right over it.  I must of have been desperate for something to read that wasn't violent and full of weirdo characters.  I figured a safe topic would be Wheat Belly.  A non-fiction read would be great and I could find out what this was all about finally.

Freedom! Good Bye: FaceBook

I must admit I feel a bit smug here saying I deactivated the ol'facebook account. I was spending to much time on you and I needed a break!  I don't have the facebook app on my phone or any of that stuff and yes I will go days with out looking at you or photos of ME!  Enough is enough . . . a vacation.

Now all of you will laugh and say but you are on Twitter! Yes, I am on Twitter.  I used it before and stopped and I am back on it again.  I like Twitter a bit more and  here is my goal/experiment: to figure out Twitter and to see how I like it compared to FB. 

April: What the HECK!

I hate to say this but yes once again time is flying by and I can hardly hold the reins!  Since I teach school, it seems like certain parts of the year rip by, others drag, and yet before you know it the end of the school year is closing in on me! 

I have been having several discussions with myself about social media lately.  Why do we need to tell the world all out thoughts and every movement?  Why do we even think this important?  Who the heck cares anyway?  How much information do we need to have out there in the cyber world about us?  I don't even know all the ways one can share their world with others.  I know there are all these sites, and formats, and options . . . I use facebook which I admit I use to often and waste far too much time on!  I am about to deactivate it for months here once this week-end's ski race is over!  I love to blog and find this far more relaxing.  I would rather blog than use FB but I get caught up in FB to much to often as I just look at what o…