Winter a Few Highlights from 14_15 Season

I really like this photo. I found it on a google search. I found the site but can not the find the artist to give him/her credit.  If anyone knows who the artist is please let me know. 
I love both the winter and summer solstice.  Here in Alaska, where we live, the shortest amount of daylight is 4 hours and 17 minutes.  I enjoy the yearly journey to darkness and the climb out of darkness to the light filled day of the June solstice.  There is something magical about this epic natural journey that I adore and embrace yearly.

Winter Solstice Ski 12/21/14
My girl Sadie and I on the wind blown tundra.

Sometimes skiers fall!  I took a wicked crash skiing on 1/31/15.  It was one of those horrible standing on your skis and your feet go out from under you falls.  I slammed onto hard packed snow/ice.  The brunt of the fall was on my butt and right wrist.  The wrist got the worse of it!  Sprained badly but grateful that was it!  
2/25/15 one of our more desperate attempts to find skiable snow.  Really hard packed drifts on the beach.  You have to admit it is stunning!

Sadie letting it rip!  All 4 paws airborne!
Christian skiing away on the stone grinding surface.  People pay good money for this in ski shops!

We love our Ruffwear dog harnesses!

I love the sea ice . . .