Storm, We finally have a winter March 7th!

As the saying goes, "Better late than never!"

I went over this morning to check the slough, which is a branch off of the Unalakleet River, to see if we could have ski practice.  You may be asking what does a river have to do with ski practice??  Good question!  We have to cross the slough which is brackish water salt/fresh to get to where we hold ski practices.  Depending on the winds the slough will have overflow.  This means that the winds from the south and west causes water to overflow on top of the frozen river ice.  The ocean water comes up the river and surges out of cracks and along the edges.

This would be overflow and that snow fence is where we ski most of the time.  These photos are from 2/22/15.
That tree stuck in the ice is the check point area for the Iditarod Dog Sled Race.  Everything there was all frozen again until today!

Today, I headed out for cross-country ski practice and the winds were blowing about 20 mph which is normal for us here.  It was warm so I figured we can ski no biggie.  WELL . . . in about 20 minutes we went from 20 mph winds to howling gusts of over 50 mph.  I had 16 kids with me from grades 1--5.  We had a blast! The wind was pushing us and making us fly across Johnson's Lake.  When those gusts of 50+mph hit we huddle down.  I had a nice talk with my skiers  about what to do when winds hit and we are not close to the village.

Yeap ski practice out here!  When I say a stormed kicked up I mean it!
The fact is I love weather and winter especially! I have been waiting a long time for winter to arrive this year!

One very happy ski coach!