Knitting . . . oh yes I am a knitter!

No matter what once winter arrives my life gets rather busy.  Working, coaching skiing, taking time for my dogs and husband (not necessarily in that order-oops!)---life just takes up a lot of time!  Then there is reading, knitting, yoga, working out, skiing, cooking . . . . the list goes on just like it does for every one.

I do want to get my knitting updated and posted.

Here is Tomten #1 which I  loved knitting.  This is good as I have yes 3 more to knit.  This design comes from Schoolhouse Press, one of my very favorite yarn and knitting suppliers/designers.
This Tomten wasn't knitted for this cutie but she is trying it on for size as she will be Tomten #3.
Here is the proud owner of Tomten #1!  Fits perfect and the smile says it all to her Great-Auntie!

These two photos are Tomten #2.
I am working on adding little color into the garter stitch.  This yarn is a wonderful rich green color way named mountain green.  I must knit something out of it for myself when time allows.

How can an Great-Auntie not love an aspiring knitter!  I order her one of my favorite knitting books for kids.  I even used this book a lot when I was learning how to knit as well.  Kids Knitting is a great book and full of very kid-doable projects!

The next project, I worked on this winter is an all time favorite of mine.  Felted Baby Booties that are wonderful to knit and every new mom I know requests a pair.  A long time friend of mine designed this pattern. The pattern can be purchased  at my very favorite local knitting shoppe in Montana.  If they don't have it please bug them about getting it republished!

I knitted this pair for a friend here who recently adopted a little boy.  The color combo is a mixing of the 2 Scottish flags as dad has a strong Scottish background.

I started this project in August when we were driving back up to Alaska for work.  I am not done but I am certainly closing in on finishing the "Long John" project.  I decided to name this pair of long underwear after a horse I used to ride long ago.  Long John was a 17 hand thoroughbred horse off the track.  He was blind in one eye but a love.  I am sure this is why I love big chestnut horses to this day.

The first leg is done.  I am using a yarn from Polk a Dot Sheep.  If you love color have a look at PDS yarns.   These yarns are so rich in color it is almost impossible to walk away from buying yarn in every colorway!

The legs are now joined and I am working on the BUTT!  I am doing some increasing in that area and German Short Rows  as well.