Yahoooo! it is Spring Break and I Have a Zillion Things on My TO DO LIST!

My last post was Jan. 17th., 2015.  Don't you just hate when bloggers don't keep their blog up to date.  I know I do!  Work started up after Christmas break and I am all consumed with teaching, trying to run a ski program for about 50 kids which entails 6 practices a week, knit, read, relax, be a wife, love my dogs and my wonderful husband.  I am rather busy! 

I had a  twitter account and I deleted that as I thought how much social media do I need in my life???  Not that much!  I like the blog for several reasons.  It forces me to write which isn't my strong suit in life and my family can see what I am doing.  I mostly just enjoy writing and sharing my world with others.  As being a teacher in rural Alaska is a bit of an adventure!  One I enjoy a lot but like everything in the world it comes with it plus and minuses.

Here I am on Spring Break!  I have a lot of knitting to get done---UFO need to get off my needles!  I did knit one Tomten for my grand niece since December. I have started the second Tomten in a wonderful green from Schoolhouse Press.  I have 4 Tomtens to knit!  I am working on a pair of socks, my Bláithín sweater, and a pair of long underwear which I am now calling Lon John after horse I used to ride.  Long John was a school horse, a thorough bred off the track and older than old.  He was a 17 hand chestnut who was as sweet as pie.

I have traveled to two ski races both of which are on the Iditarod Dog Sled Race trail.

Now here in Unalakleet we have almost no snow, the slough has been under overflow, and it is way to warm for this chica!  I am a snow person and I love weather but mostly I love weather at the right time of the year!  Winter should be winter and summer should be summer.  However, I will always take colder weather over warmer weather anytime.

I will get some photos posted and write a bit more over my break!  I promise!