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Yahoooo! it is Spring Break and I Have a Zillion Things on My TO DO LIST!

My last post was Jan. 17th., 2015.  Don't you just hate when bloggers don't keep their blog up to date.  I know I do!  Work started up after Christmas break and I am all consumed with teaching, trying to run a ski program for about 50 kids which entails 6 practices a week, knit, read, relax, be a wife, love my dogs and my wonderful husband.  I am rather busy! 

I had a  twitter account and I deleted that as I thought how much social media do I need in my life???  Not that much!  I like the blog for several reasons.  It forces me to write which isn't my strong suit in life and my family can see what I am doing.  I mostly just enjoy writing and sharing my world with others.  As being a teacher in rural Alaska is a bit of an adventure!  One I enjoy a lot but like everything in the world it comes with it plus and minuses.

Here I am on Spring Break!  I have a lot of knitting to get done---UFO need to get off my needles!  I did knit one Tomten for my grand niece since December. …