Saturday Sled Dog Race 12/20/14

Unalakleet is a mushing community and there are several active dog sled teams.  Their activity varies from year to year.  This year Norton Sound Sled Dog Club will be hosting and running the Paul Johnson Memorial Norton Sound 450 race in February.  I haven't asked but I am assuming this is why the club has more Saturday race participants this year.  These Saturday races help teams prepare for the up coming race.  These photos I took off of FaceBook and are from 12/20/14.  I took my elementary skiers over to watch a team start after ski practice.

Racers getting ready at the start which in on the slough.  Behind us is the Unalakleet check point for the Iditarod Dog Sled Race which comes through in March.  All those short people are the elementary skiers!
Musher heading up the Unalakleet River.
Mushers leaving the river ice.
This is actually a retired musher who jumped in to help a team.  He ran the Iditarod years ago and still helps his son with his teams.