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Bláithín Sweater--update

I have procrastinated long enough on Kate’s Sweater (Bláithín Sweater).  I will be pulling it out of the knitting bag at some point this weekend and figuring out where I am and what I need to do next.  I know, I am on the button band and miles of icord . . . which is why I am sure it is still in the knitting bag hiding from me as there is still a ton of work to do to be able to utter the word DONE!

Canyons and Ice: The Wilderness Travels of Dick Griffith Written by: Kaylene Johnson

I read a wonderful book over Christmas break. Canyons and Ice written by Kaylene Johnson. The book is about "The Wilderness Travels of Dick Griffith". All of the river rats out there should read about Dick Griffith's Grand Canyon travels before it was dammed ( If you are intrigued by Arctic travel/adventure you would enjoy this book. A big thanks to Robin who lent me this great read! I loved it! Robin, Dick was in fact a great friend of the late Jerry Dixon who skied to UNK. Jerry used to send us used ski gear when we were first trying to get skiing going here in Unalakleet.

There are several Independent book stores carrying this book as well and they are listed on the website above.

I have always love travel adventure books.  I am not sure why I am drawn to this genre, other than when I am inside, I can still enjoy someone else's adventures from a comfortable spot. I do kno…

Saturday Sled Dog Race 12/20/14

Unalakleet is a mushing community and there are several active dog sled teams.  Their activity varies from year to year.  This year Norton Sound Sled Dog Club will be hosting and running the Paul Johnson Memorial Norton Sound 450 race in February.  I haven't asked but I am assuming this is why the club has more Saturday race participants this year.  These Saturday races help teams prepare for the up coming race.  These photos I took off of FaceBook and are from 12/20/14.  I took my elementary skiers over to watch a team start after ski practice.

The Tomten Adventure #1

The first Tomten is just about done!  I had to order some buttons and those should be here next week (I hope).  I went with some nice simple wooden buttons that I bought on Etsy and the bonus is I was able to get 50 of each design for a killer price!

The first Tomten has come out great!  Two areas that I will change just a tad will be the arm hole depth and my gauge is really 4.5 sts to an inch so that will be adjusted on #2 which will be for the oldest of the grand nieces.