No Bad Weather Knit Along {A.K.A: NBW KAL}

From mid-October a much needed update  (Dec 14, 2014)!

NBW sweater has had a few minor construction issues like:

*a few inches to large 
(I should add this had nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with me picking the wrong size as I have gotten a bit smaller and not larger!)

One of the best things I have ever learned about knitting was/is use a tape measure all the times to check your work!  The next thing I have learned is to once and awhile place your work on yarn or a couple circular knitting needles, gently steam block and measure you work.  Never under estimate the importance of a tape measure EVER!

*I didn't like the knitted hem I was planning on using:

As far as the construction and design of the hem went that was spot on.  The issue was I wasn't done with the design and the hem would have been to deep.  Thus one more reason to frog and just use the intended ribbing.
SO I started over once again!  Many people freak out about starting over and I really have given up on the knitting freak out sessions.  The reason being is one I do get to knit more, but the main reason is knitting mistakes are really pretty easy to fix.

I really enjoy color work as you always feel like you are making great progress!

This sweater is now done and has been worn a lot already.  I knitted this sweater with the idea that it would be worn as one of my many layers when I go out skiing here in the far north.  I have found as crazy as this sounds that wool is really the best insulator for the cold weather I ski in on a regular basis here.

Done!  I did change the collar a bit and knitted a folded over hem for the inside of the collar.  This was casted-off and sewn down which gives a nice stretch to the collar neck area. (Pre-blocking)

Excuse the rather big hair as the wind was coming in from the east behind me.  The neck is still on needles a rather nice needle necklace effect all pre-blocking.

Here is the finished, blocked sweater in action!  The No Bad Weather Pattern is available at: Knit 'N Needle and the 100% Merino PDS superwash worsted weight yarn is available from my Favorite Yarn Shoppe as well!
I am very happy with the end product, I love the colors and the easy wash-ability of this yarn.