Chunky Shetland Yarn a Gift!

My wonderful Aunt Kathy is a knitter and has been for years.  Once she told me if I ever became a teacher (she was a English teacher and HS counselor) to have hobbies or something in your life you can finish.  As a counselor she said, "You never know if a student goes off and finishes their dream."  She had a garden and knitted for years as those were her finished projects.

We have been back in touch again because of the inter-net and chatting about knitting and what not.  She had this chunky Shetland weight yarn and offered it to me as she wasn't going to ever use it.  I of course jumped at the chance to take this yarn off her hands.  100% Shetland anything sounds great to me!

I love the colors that will go with a wide variety and the chunky rustic feel.

There are two vests I have wanted to knit for years and this yarn will be perfect for these projects.  I envision the vests with an icord trim in blue.  One vest is called Lollie's Jerkin and I would change some of the design in this but generally it would look like this vest. The other is the classic rib warmer but this will have some modifications.  Both designes come from SchoolHouse Press my all time favorite designer families EZ, Meg and Cully.