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Tomten a Rather HUGE Under Taking

I have a niece who I just love and I also am rather taken by the fact that she doesn't want to raise her family in the traditional middle of the road way.  I am very proud of her efforts in today's world to try to break the mold and step out in a different direction.  I give her and her family a lot of credit. I know it isn't easy and I know it is very challenging for them.  This winter they had all intentions to be on their land and living there off the grid as they get ready to build.  Things didn't work out as they had hoped.  They were able to move into a yurt and make some adjustments to their goal.

My goal is to make sure they have enough 100% WOOL to stay warm up in the mountains on the Olympic peninsula.  They have hats, fingerless mittens, and some of my older knitted socks that felted and were a bit of an experiment which make for great kid slippers in my mind and lucky in theirs as well!

Back to the Tomten Project:  This knitted jacket/sweater is one I have wa…

Chunky Shetland Yarn a Gift!

My wonderful Aunt Kathy is a knitter and has been for years.  Once she told me if I ever became a teacher (she was a English teacher and HS counselor) to have hobbies or something in your life you can finish.  As a counselor she said, "You never know if a student goes off and finishes their dream."  She had a garden and knitted for years as those were her finished projects.

We have been back in touch again because of the inter-net and chatting about knitting and what not.  She had this chunky Shetland weight yarn and offered it to me as she wasn't going to ever use it.  I of course jumped at the chance to take this yarn off her hands.  100% Shetland anything sounds great to me!

There are two vests I have wanted to knit for years and this yarn will be perfect for these projects.  I envision the vests with an icord trim in blue.  One vest is called Lollie's Jerkin and I would change some of the design in this but generally it would look like this vest. The other is the…

Knitting, FOs (Finished Objects: for you non-knitters--if there is such a thing)

I have actually been knitting a lot this fall as my wrist is better and I can KNIT pain free!

No Bad Weather Knit Along {A.K.A: NBW KAL}

From mid-October a much needed update  (Dec 14, 2014)!
NBW sweater has had a few minor construction issues like:

*a few inches to large 
(I should add this had nothing to do with the pattern and everything to do with me picking the wrong size as I have gotten a bit smaller and not larger!)


*I didn't like the knitted hem I was planning on using:

SO I started over once again!  Many people freak out about starting over and I really have given up on the knitting freak out sessions.  The reason being is one I do get to knit more, but the main reason is knitting mistakes are really pretty easy to fix.

This sweater is now done and has been worn a lot already.  I knitted this sweater with the idea that it would be worn as one of my many layers when I go out skiing here in the far north.  I have found as crazy as this sounds that wool is really the best insulator for the cold weather I ski in on a regular basis here.

I am very happy with the end product, I love the colors and the easy wash-…