Fall . . . I love the start of fall

September 2, 2014 the a.m. dog walk was under northern lights!  What a treat!  The air is crisper, the stars are out, and the mornings are now dark here.  I walk the dogs with the light of my head lamp leading the way so I don't kill myself walking in the dark.

Yesterday we had a good ol'storm rain for most of the day, high winds, and pounding crashing surf.  We also had  a "Sadie Storm."  A sick barfing dog from 3:00 a.m.  until 5:00 p.m.  I hate when our animals get into trash or dead things on the tundra or beach.  Luckily they seem to survive what ever they seem to think they need to eat.  Today I am watching her as she finally ate something and lets just hope it follows the normal course to the end result.

Here is a health Miss Sadie before she food some nasty treat that made her so sick.  She is fine but for about 12 hours she was one sick girl!
I am in love with the tundra! A close up antler lichen or it is sometimes called caribou lichen.  I am always fascinated by the plant life on the tundra.  At times I am convinced there is a whole little world of gnomes and creatures that live under its coverage.
Christian with "the girls".  We were able to mountain bike over the week-end.  We rode on the hard pack road that was put in on the beach to help reinforce the sea wall.