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September 27, 2014 First Frost! & No Bad Weather (NBW) Fall Knit Along (KAL)

There is nothing like waking up early, to some late for me 6:30, on a Saturday morning to sky full of stars, and crisp fall air.   What?  Is that ice on the puddle?  I tentatively stick the toe of my Bean boot into the puddle hoping, wishing to hear the wonderful sound of ice cracking and what do I hear? Yes, ice cracking under the toe of my boot!  Northern Lights dancing in the sky, plus the lights of a barge in Norton Sound heading south before things really start to freeze up for winter.

One of the many joys of living in rural Alaska are the body parts your dogs get to either find and hope to bring into the house or the parts they love to roll on/in.  Tally was so thrilled with this wonderful find the other morning!  Nope---we are not keeping it!  It will be heading back to the beach where I am sure it came from today. 

The tundra is actually fading now to just browns and muted green lichen.  Fall has come and now we move into the rather dullness of browns and grays until winter …

No Bad Weather KAL (Knit Along)

My yarn arrived today for the Knit Along (KAL) I have joined through the Knit 'N Needle yarn shoppe in Whitefish, Montana.  We were quick to get the girls out on the tundra for a photo shoot with my new PDS worsted yarn when we got home from work today at 6 p.m.  I love the colors in person and am looking forward to casting on a sleeve for a swatch.  This hand dyed yarn is from a very talented independent yarn dyer in Whitefish.

The colors I picked, as always have some kind of theme or purpose in "Nancy's World" and this yarn is no exception.  The green (Douglas Fir) is for evergreen trees which I especially adore when covered in snow.  The red-ish color (petroglyph) is for the fall colors on the tundra as we transition into winter, and the white (beargrass) is of course for one of my favorite things: SNOW!

The No Bad Weather Knit Along will be starting officially on September 14th.  It will be hosted on the Ravelry site. For you non-knitters (is there such a perso…

Fall . . . I love the start of fall

September 2, 2014 the a.m. dog walk was under northern lights!  What a treat!  The air is crisper, the stars are out, and the mornings are now dark here.  I walk the dogs with the light of my head lamp leading the way so I don't kill myself walking in the dark.

Yesterday we had a good ol'storm rain for most of the day, high winds, and pounding crashing surf.  We also had  a "Sadie Storm."  A sick barfing dog from 3:00 a.m.  until 5:00 p.m.  I hate when our animals get into trash or dead things on the tundra or beach.  Luckily they seem to survive what ever they seem to think they need to eat.  Today I am watching her as she finally ate something and lets just hope it follows the normal course to the end result.