Oh in search of the internet!

Since I made this post yesterday WE NOW HAVE INTERNET AT OUR HOUSE ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!  I can now add captions to photos!
As soon as I have internet at my house again I will be posting!  I have a lot to share but no working internet.  This may be a good thing as I tend to get more work related things done!  Since it is my house I really don't like working from my house . . . at times I have to as there is no one interrupting me there.  Back to the issue no internet which makes it hard to blog.  I am hoping next week we will have internet back and working until then . . .

Photos just to let you know we made it back to Alaska and captions  will be added once we have internet!

Tally resting after a day in the back seat on our drive north and me knitting away during sunset. Some where in BC.
A short stroll from Nakusp Hot Springs in BC,
Tally enjoying a swim some place along the Alcan highway.  Every day the girls got to swim in a new swimming hole.

I love this photo of Tally she is all about FUN!
The nosiest campground in all of BC!  It was also very clean with wonderful campground hosts.  This rail line was yards from our camping spot and there was another on the other side of the river.  
The girls enjoying the AC and view.  If their eyes could talk: "Are we there yet?"
Jiffy Pop Popcorn!  The secret is a leather glove and vice grips and you get perfect popcorn every time.
Kluane Lake a beautiful spot which we love.  Last spring it was frozen on the drive south.  Now we all got to enjoy the sunshine and ice free lake.
One of our favorite hot springs, Liard Hot Springs, and I do mean hot!  This one is set in a pretty spot and always a treat.
Liard Hot Springs
This is the divider between the extremely hot pool and the lower temperature pool.
The boardwalk at Liard to the pools a pleasant stroll.
Takhini Hot Springs This place was a great discovery in the spring.  The pool is currently filling in the early a.m. 
Tetlin Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.  This little place has a nice small campground with the call of the lonely Loon.
Tetlin Camp ground with the morning cup of joe!
Back home in the village rainbow and all!
Christian with his huge grayling!
Now we are talking FISH---silver salmon from the Unalakleet River.
Another HUGE salmon!
Christian with a salmon more our liking!
Rainbow above Unalakleet River
Unalakleet in the far distance by Norton Sound and miles of tundra.
We actually hard a visitor here!  Our friend Karrin, recently back from Africa and now working in AK, dropped in for a week-end visit!
Here are several Kayaks a few plastic and the rest have been made by Maligiaq.  He was here at our school for some work.  I wasn't able to get in a paddle but I hope to next year. 

Maligaq working on a practice paddle.

Knitting and mosquitoes sometimes don't mix!