Summer Time

A random selection of photos.  I take a lot of flower photos from around my home in Montana in the summer.  This way I can look at them in Alaska when it -40 this coming winter.  Hang basket and honeysuckle a great combo.
Tiger Lilies are ever so bold.
I love flower pots but I hope next year to move back to hanging porch boxes.
Sadie enjoying a cool down after a mountain bike ride.

My nephew enjoying an evening on our front porch.  Porch time is critical to my R & R that is needed before returning north.  G always makes you smile!

Sadie trying her best to relax after a stressful day in a dogs life! :-)

One of my favorite areas close to Whitefish.  This is the Haskill Basin area that I LOVE!  Soon if all goes well this drain will be protected for ever.

This is not the best photo of Fire Weed.  The story is once it blooms to the top then summer is over.  Actually when it gets to the top here in Montana it is time to return north to Alaska.  When I get to Alaska it is almost done blooming and summer is over up there!
Mmmmm yum huckleberries! We have been picking and making milk shakes!  My favorite way to eat these berries is right off the bush by the handfuls!

Colorful Indian Paint Brush.

The end to another great mountain bike ride----thanks Christian!

Tally relaxing after our ride.

Nothing like a good back rub after a great ride.