Song of The Summer King

Recently, I met Jess E. Owen the author of Song of The Summer King.  Jess not only wrote Song of The Summer King but set up her own publishing company and  self-published her book!  No small feat in today's publishing world.  I had to read her book.  I really enjoyed Shard and the rest of the gryfon characters.

This book is part of The Song of The Summer King Chronicles.  It is a young adult fiction and of course fantasy.  I read it with the sole purpose of being able to recommend it to older elementary students and to the Alaska Battle of the Books committee.  I fell for the main character and can hardly keep myself from starting the second in the series.

I am not a huge fantasy fan but I  really enjoyed the strong characters in her book.   I am also not a fan of the darker side of young adult fiction out there today.  This book is full of adventure, problems and challenges one faces growing up.  It is positive and not full of the darker side of life.  I would certainly recommend this book to upper elementary  and middle school  fantasy fans.  Jess won me over and I hope I can turn some of our students on to her work.

This is Jess' second book that I can barely keep from opening!   I will be mailing this up to Alaska soon to stop me from reading it now.  I will save it for a nice stormy Alaska week-end.