Bliss: perfect happiness; great joy (noun)

Bliss . . . there are times that life can only be described as BLISS.  No other word describes pure happiness and joy to me than the word BLISS.  As a teacher on summer vacation my world is nothing but bliss.  The last few days here have been gray, wet, rain, drizzle, but to me bliss.  I move from one knitting project to the next, one errand to the next, drop in to a favorite cafe, stop by the library, visit my favorite yarn shoppe, and take the dogs for  endless walks.  My world is simple, easy, relaxing and blissful.  I am for ever thankful to this life I have it is wonderful!

After a school year in Alaska flowers are not an option they are a must.  I love flower pots!
Apple blossoms on an older tree from a long ago orchard that is in the park at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Trillium from a recent hike up Swede Creek a favorite spot of ours.
Sadie and I resting on our hike up Swede Creek.


shandy said…
Hi! I came across your blog from the Kate Davies Ravelry page showing your socks. I retired two years ago after 38 years in teaching and can really relate to what you say re the summer hols, though when every day is open choice it's not the same. I'm fascinated by your journey - is it that you have a second home in Montana?