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Bliss: perfect happiness; great joy (noun)

Bliss . . . there are times that life can only be described as BLISS.  No other word describes pure happiness and joy to me than the word BLISS.  As a teacher on summer vacation my world is nothing but bliss.  The last few days here have been gray, wet, rain, drizzle, but to me bliss.  I move from one knitting project to the next, one errand to the next, drop in to a favorite cafe, stop by the library, visit my favorite yarn shoppe, and take the dogs for  endless walks.  My world is simple, easy, relaxing and blissful.  I am for ever thankful to this life I have it is wonderful!

2,376 Miles The Reverse Migration

Once the school year is done, we head south to a land full of green trees, colorful flowers, lakes, mountains, family and friends.  This year we drove back down and had a great trip. The drive from Anchorage to Whitefish is 2,376 miles The driving overall was easy and relaxing, the camping was great with out many campers, and the four hot springs we visited were very relaxing. The drive took us 9 days and we obviously were not in a hurry we aim for about 300-350 miles a day.  Traveling with "The Girls" we need to stop and let them stretch out their legs as well.

A note on camping since we are still tent campers:  in several camp grounds hardly anyone is outside next to their fire pits.  They are in their RVs.  So my question is this:  Is there Wii camping?  You know you split wood, make a fire, run from smoke, swat bugs, run to the outhouse, set up your tent . . . a sad statement I think.  To go camping and then spend all your time in your RV!  It makes for nice quiet campi…