Sea Ice, Fog, & Bláithín Sweater

It is May here in my remote spot in Alaska and spring in the rest of the world.  We are transitioning to spring with many small hiccups along the way.  I think it is a bit ironic, I am working on a sweater in Irish that means "little flower."  The sea is once again covered in sea ice, it is cold, damp, and foggy---I mean thick pea soup fog  due to the sea ice.  The winds have been coming in from the southwest causing the sea ice to be blown back our way.  My tundra walks with the dogs makes me feel like I am in Ireland or Scotland walking the hills with my flock of sheep as fog rolls in and out.

Here is the first flower I have seen out on my tundra walks. It is known as the "woolly lousewort " or "bumble-bee flower."
My Bláithín sweater which I have been calling Ol'Navy now has the sleeves joined to the body.

Color Work yahooo---lets hear it for some color work finally!  These center stitches will be for the sandwich steek.
Color work schematic--my first round will be orange flowers, the middle round will be blue flowers, and the last round will be yellow flowers.
I love working a color yoke after hours of one solid color it is such a treat to really be able to see your progress as the color work motif changes.
May 17th sea ice, with a nice low ceiling for visibility which makes it is hard for planes to fly.  This photo is looking north up towards Blueberry Hills.
Jumbled up mess of sea ice that  has returned due to the winds coming in form the southwest.