Mittens, Dog, My Tundra World

I just blocked a pair of Snow Ghost mittens last night.   As I casted on my second mitten this is what I told my dear friend and fellow blogger Wool and Words:

"Knitting, I did cast on my next mitten and started the rather rhythmic color work which is a relaxing little jaunt.  It is nice when color work just flows and pours out of your needles!  Plus, the yarn I am using is such a dream to work with so nice on your hands and it invites you to keep knitting."

My completed Snow Ghost Mittens which will go into the gift box for some lucky person.


I have this wonderful dog named Sadie.  She is a very unusual mix of a Weimaraner and Akbash.  Sadie was a rescue dog from one of those wonderful shelters who has no shelter but rather houses all their animals in foster homes.  I can never say enough great things about Rim Rock Humane Society in Billings, Montana.  Sadie had quite a story as she had a destructive nature, she is rather big, and a bit stubborn.  We have now had Sadie for 3 years and she is such a love.  Our two dogs get along wonderfully, and we can not imagine a world without them by our sides.  Sadie has had one heck of a year with injuries.  I have learned this year dogs heal very fast!  We live in a rural, off road village in Alaska.  What does this mean: we have no vet, no doctor (until about 2 mos ago), and if you need serious medical attention you need to get on a plane and fly out of here.  This means you hope you don't die on the plane or some other major issue occurs.  We basically try not to think about it until you or your animal get hurts.

This year Sadie slice a pad on her front foot open.  We learned to use super-glue, moleskin and a dog bootie to heal this injury.  Shortly after this was taken care of she was bit by a sled dog and had a hole in her side.  This was healed by sticking a kotex pad on the inside of a dog jacket.  The hole got air and was able to drain and she could not lick it.  Then is March she broke or dislocated her outside toe on her rear foot.  Again rest and a dog bootie helped to heal this injury.  The last and I really hope it is the LAST was she fell out of the 4-wheeler.  I was going a bit fast but I hit a few bigger than I thought bumps and she fell out of the back.  I was devastated! Her high center of balance tossed her out and I could not throw on the brakes as the other dog would have gone out too.  Once I got her back to me she was limping, but had a good size gash under her right eye.  Poor girl!  Dogs trust us so much and then this happens which was all my fault!  I was so angry with myself and so scared for Sadie.

Here is our poor girl in recovery.

Sadie doing great and ice hopping for fun this week.