Cookies & Pizza


I am always searching for a killer cookie recipe.  I love cookies that are crunchy and chewy, and not over the top sweet or gooey.  Yesterday, I baked up these wonderful Molasses Ginger Spice Snap Cookies from the blog FarmGirl Fare. She great recipes and I will be trying more of her ideas. If you use Weight Watchers or one of the point tracking programs this recipe has 176 points. However don't freak out!  I used a small scoop and made 5 dz cookies yesterday and froze the rest of the dough. I am pretty sure I will be able to bake another 2dz cookies which will bring the cookies in at 2 pts. each.


For dinner last night we had Christian's wonderful Pizza.  We used a white/whole wheat flour for the crust and his secret ingredient is to add a dark beer to the dough.  For toppings we have used anything and everything from pesto sauce and salmon to a more traditional pepperoni and cheese.

We also use cast-iron pizza pans which really help to bake a great dough.

Some of the toppings.
A work of art!

This pizza slicer is the best we have ever used. It has a rocker so you place it on the pizza and rock it back and forth for a great sliced pizza. 


Lynn said…
I tried these and they were wonderful! I agree with you!