Bláithín Sweater (Bláithín is an Irish name meaning "little flower") AKA Ol'Navy

Bláithín Sweater is designed by Kate Davies who I think is just a brilliant knit designer.  This project was started a bit ago and interrupt often by my inability to stay focused on just one project.  Since knitting is my way of relaxing, in my world, that means you knit what every want when you want.  Over my knitting years I have come to accept that I jump from project to project and back again---why fight it just go with the knitting flow!

I am excited to say I am back knitting my Bláithín Sweater!  Today, I will be finishing up the second sleeve, steam blocking both sleeves and body.  This way I will get an accurate measurement of all the pieces before I join them together to start my favorite part the yoke colorwork.  I did modify the design a bit as I didn't want any pockets or the sweater to flare out on the sides.

Off to knit!  I will be steam blocking this sweater to try on before I continue with the yoke work.