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Sea Ice, Fog, & Bláithín Sweater

It is May here in my remote spot in Alaska and spring in the rest of the world.  We are transitioning to spring with many small hiccups along the way.  I think it is a bit ironic, I am working on a sweater in Irish that means "little flower."  The sea is once again covered in sea ice, it is cold, damp, and foggy---I mean thick pea soup fog  due to the sea ice.  The winds have been coming in from the southwest causing the sea ice to be blown back our way.  My tundra walks with the dogs makes me feel like I am in Ireland or Scotland walking the hills with my flock of sheep as fog rolls in and out.

Cookies & Pizza


I am always searching for a killer cookie recipe.  I love cookies that are crunchy and chewy, and not over the top sweet or gooey.  Yesterday, I baked up these wonderful Molasses Ginger Spice Snap Cookies from the blog FarmGirl Fare. She great recipes and I will be trying more of her ideas. If you use Weight Watchers or one of the point tracking programs this recipe has 176 points. However don't freak out!  I used a small scoop and made 5 dz cookies yesterday and froze the rest of the dough. I am pretty sure I will be able to bake another 2dz cookies which will bring the cookies in at 2 pts. each.

Pizza For dinner last night we had Christian's wonderful Pizza.  We used a white/whole wheat flour for the crust and his secret ingredient is to add a dark beer to the dough.  For toppings we have used anything and everything from pesto sauce and salmon to a more traditional pepperoni and cheese.

Bláithín Sweater (Bláithín is an Irish name meaning "little flower") AKA Ol'Navy

Bláithín Sweater is designed by Kate Davies who I think is just a brilliant knit designer.  This project was started a bit ago and interrupt often by my inability to stay focused on just one project.  Since knitting is my way of relaxing, in my world, that means you knit what every want when you want.  Over my knitting years I have come to accept that I jump from project to project and back again---why fight it just go with the knitting flow!

I am excited to say I am back knitting my Bláithín Sweater!  Today, I will be finishing up the second sleeve, steam blocking both sleeves and body.  This way I will get an accurate measurement of all the pieces before I join them together to start my favorite part the yoke colorwork.  I did modify the design a bit as I didn't want any pockets or the sweater to flare out on the sides.

Off to knit!  I will be steam blocking this sweater to try on before I continue with the yoke work.

Mittens, Dog, My Tundra World

I just blocked a pair of Snow Ghost mittens last night.   As I casted on my second mitten this is what I told my dear friend and fellow blogger Wool and Words:

"Knitting, I did cast on my next mitten and started the rather rhythmic color work which is a relaxing little jaunt.  It is nice when color work just flows and pours out of your needles!  Plus, the yarn I am using is such a dream to work with so nice on your hands and it invites you to keep knitting."

Photos and more information on the Snow Ghost Mitten
I have this wonderful dog named Sadie.  She is a very unusual mix of a Weimaraner and Akbash.  Sadie was a rescue dog from one of those wonderful shelters who has no shelter but rather houses all their animals in foster homes.  I can never say enough great things about Rim Rock Humane Society in Billings, Montana.  Sadie had quite a story as she had a destructive nature, she is rather big, and a bit stubborn.  We have now had Sadie for 3 years and she is such a love.…