Spring Time: Coming Up For Air Saying & Good-Bye to the Race Season!

The ski season has ended!  Lets rephrase that to say "The ski season has ended as far as racing, traveling, and sleeping on school floors."  I am still hoping to get a few more days of skiing here on the drifts that are slowly melting.  As far as skiing with kids that part is done!  Our season is long (since winter is long this far north) but we enjoy skiing with the kids.  We especially love getting kids outside, away from the TV and electronic devices.  Simply being outside with kids skiing is a lot of fun!
Some of our younger skiers with our new groomer.
Our wonderful groomer and his side kick Tally.
One of our skiers competing in Arctic Winter Games 2014 in snowshoe biathlon.  Katie brought home 4 Ulu medals!
Sadie and I enjoying a break from our tundra walk.  We were actually sitting in a hail storm.  The snow in the background is where we are still skiing.