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I have been working on several small projects as a nice distraction from a larger project that I really need to get back too.Fingerless mittens are coming along great.  I am almost done with the last small pair.  I have to knit a larger pair and will be casting on that one soon.

Snow Ghost Mittens I love this well written pattern!  The mittens are wonderful and fit perfectly.  I did change the inside cuff a bit but other than that I followed the pattern as it is written.  I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca which is a dream yarn in my mind, soft, luscious colors and just a joy to work with!

Felted Baby Booties This pattern may be purchased at the Knit 'N Needle and you may have to call them to have the pattern mailed to you as it is not yet in a PDF  downloadable form.  A friend of mine designed this great simple pattern.  I have made countless pairs of these booties.  I use a 100% wool and like Malabrigo for this project.  It felts up wonderfully and has a wonderful feel to the finished fe…

Spring Time: Coming Up For Air Saying & Good-Bye to the Race Season!

The ski season has ended!  Lets rephrase that to say "The ski season has ended as far as racing, traveling, and sleeping on school floors."  I am still hoping to get a few more days of skiing here on the drifts that are slowly melting.  As far as skiing with kids that part is done!  Our season is long (since winter is long this far north) but we enjoy skiing with the kids.  We especially love getting kids outside, away from the TV and electronic devices.  Simply being outside with kids skiing is a lot of fun!