Warren Miller: No Drugs, No Smoke, Get Outside

I think this is a great article written by Warren Miller who made ski movies for years/decades.  I could not agree more with his 90 years young point of view! I have observed the importance of being outside for years.  All the older people I know who have been major influences in my life fit this description!  Active, healthy, always outside pursuing their favorite activity.  Limiting or excluding the toxins of choice!

"Maybe if you have young kids and can get them to find their freedom outside on a bicycle, roller skates, a surfboard, and a pair of skis instead of in a bottle of beer, they will live much longer and healthier lives." 


Old Age | Flathead Beacon  This is the link to the above article as I just wanted to make sure I gave the proper source.  Enjoy the read as Miller gives excellent words to live by and embrace.


Lynn said…
Great article and so true. And, I wonder, what ever happened to recess and P.E. in school?