Winter, Knitting, Skiing and where does the time go . . .

Since moving photos around can be a bit of a hassle I will leave these at the top of this post and then just carry on!
This was one of our recent ski challenges here in Unalakleet.  While many of you don't like our Alaska weather you have had down south we had this in January.  Believe me we don't like a warm winter which is one of the reasons we live this far north.

ahhh bliss snow!

This is the reason our ski program is so great and why we have wonderful skiers.  Our groomer, my husband, grooms our ski trails, he doesn't get paid for all his hard work, and he loves working with snow.  As a former downhill racer, he can set a great line on the hills that gives us great skiing in a very rough environment.  Tally is his grooming partner.

The snow fence is behind them and this builds our drifts so we can ski when many others out here can not.  This year our skiers have been training on a 1.2k loop since December.  I give them a ton of credit for staying so focused.

Sadie, my girl,  and I making the best of challenging ski season . . . rumor has it some white stuff should be falling soon.

I really enjoy writing blog posts and learning how to do this antiquated thing called "blogging" as more and more people just use the current social media sites.  I find this little world of blogging relaxing and actually more mine than the social media world.

What has been going on since my last post in 2013 . . . well winter!  Winter for us this is the busiest time of the year!  We try to do our best working full time and running a very fun and successful ski program.  We love skiing with the skiers out here and have a blast!  Our ski season is long and full of challenges but as a team we make it through the challenging weather conditions and keep skiing.

Knitting: I seem to be knitting up a storm in the small project department.  Let this be a lesson to you all-----PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE A KNITTER! Just because you buy a yarn, and then really don't like the yarn, and as you are knitting with the yarn IT is fine to SAY:

"Yarn I don't like you, you might be a great yarn and a wonderful color, but you were not made for this project.  I really know better than to continue with you . . . GOOD BYE yarn! I will give you away to a more deserving home!"

Once I gave up on the above mentioned issue I moved right on to a wonderful yarn and project!

Current project: I have been knitting with a wonderful new yarn which I can highly recommend.  First this wonderful yarn from the Knit 'N Needle is a sport weight, 100% wool, super wash and HAND DYED!  I love it!  Polka Dot Sheep PDS Sport  has been a lot of fun to work with and the projects I have knitted are just coming out great!  I can recommend several very well written patterns from the Knit 'N Needle.

This is the pattern I am using for a parade of fingerless mittens for family members.  The pattern is written for men, ladies, children and toddlers.  The  Lomond Series is a great pattern and knits up quickly.

Yarn from my favorite Montana yarn shoppe.

Fireweed in sport weight and my camera did not capture this wonderful pink yarn well.  These mitts are for my grand niece and the pattern is the Lassie Lomond
This color way is Lupine and will be another pair of Lassie Lomonds.

I would say this wraps up this post and I will try to get myself back on a more regular schedule of posting about skiing, knitting, and life out here on the edge.