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Winter, Knitting, Skiing and where does the time go . . .

Since moving photos around can be a bit of a hassle I will leave these at the top of this post and then just carry on!

I really enjoy writing blog posts and learning how to do this antiquated thing called "blogging" as more and more people just use the current social media sites.  I find this little world of blogging relaxing and actually more mine than the social media world.

What has been going on since my last post in 2013 . . . well winter!  Winter for us this is the busiest time of the year!  We try to do our best working full time and running a very fun and successful ski program.  We love skiing with the skiers out here and have a blast!  Our ski season is long and full of challenges but as a team we make it through the challenging weather conditions and keep skiing.

Knitting: I seem to be knitting up a storm in the small project department.  Let this be a lesson to you all-----PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU ARE A KNITTER! Just because you buy a yarn, and then really don…