Christmas Vacation has STARTED--Skiing-Knitting-Relaxing-Baking!!!!!

Hardly anything else needs to be said . . .  well I would add knitting and reading!  Always my biggest belief is one should get outside as much as possible under one's own mode of transportation also know as exercise.
Yesterday was the last day of school and Christmas Break started for us!  One of the things I love about not traveling for Christmas is that the vacation starts instantaneously and that is a wonderful thing.  I spent yesterday afternoon in the wax room getting ski gear out to some of our race team skiers.  Today I hope to get the gear out to our elementary skiers.  Then we can all get skiing!

Sadie voicing her opinion here, "Can we go skiing now!"  In the wax room known as Worm's Wax Room.
This year we were able to get more poles, boots, and skis which were really needed for all the skiers.
Hard to tell in this photo but there are several new skis for race team skiers, younger elementary 
skiers, and adult helpers.
Skiing Nov. 24th when we had snow before it all warmed up and turned  into a mess.  Now we are basically back to this point as our snow is returning and temperatures are dropping to the normal lows.
This was posted on FB as well but just wanted to get these mittens posted here on the blog.  These are my new favorite ski mittens.  Made by TOKO and they are insulated and wind proof.  They has a soft back and thumb for wiping one's nose.
If you do a search online you will be able to find these mittens at most Nordic/cross-country ski shops.
These were purchased at Eagle River Nordic.

I also always wear a glove liner inside my mittens to keep my hands warmer.  This way I can remove my mittens and not expose my hands to freezing temperatures.

Knitting: I have been working on several projects which is so typical of me!  I just can not stay focused on anything to long no matter how much I try to stay focused.  I am of course still working on my Bláithín sweater. I have one sleeve knitted to the proper length and the body needs about 2 more inches.  I need to cast-on the next sleeve and get that knitted.  Once the body and the other sleeve are completed I can then join the 3 pieces and start my color work on the yoke.

I will be writing more about my knitting now that I am on break.  I felt I needed to give a bit of an update.  Next I will be posting about Jan's Grab Bag Socks a fun way to use up left  over yarn!