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Jan's Grab Bag Socks and Felted Slippers

I recently had a friend contact me who has health issues and really needs some wooly items to help keep her feet warm and toasty.  Jan wanted a pair of 100% wool socks and I also suggested some felted wool slippers as well.

I immediately casted-on for the felted slippers as the pattern I have used countless times over the years from Fiber Trends.  The yarn I picked for these slippers is actually a wool (95%) silk (5%) blend which felts up rather nice and dense called: Clyde by Louet.  It is bulky/chunky weight yarn.  I knit this yarn held double and moved right along knitting one slipper with many interruptions in a day.
Then to take  a break from the slipper pattern I switched right over to the wool socks.  I have a healthy allotment of left over yarn--no surprise!  I decided to use a little technique that Elizabeth Zimmermann talks about in her Baby Surprise Jacket.  I found yarn that is the same weight for the most part and rolled up small balls of yarn and placed them in a bag. …


I just came across this photographer and his work with snow crystals. AMAZING!

Christmas Vacation has STARTED--Skiing-Knitting-Relaxing-Baking!!!!!

Yesterday was the last day of school and Christmas Break started for us!  One of the things I love about not traveling for Christmas is that the vacation starts instantaneously and that is a wonderful thing.  I spent yesterday afternoon in the wax room getting ski gear out to some of our race team skiers.  Today I hope to get the gear out to our elementary skiers.  Then we can all get skiing!

I will be writing more about my knitting now that I am on break.  I felt I needed to give a bit of an update.  Next I will be posting about Jan's Grab Bag Socks a fun way to use up left  over yarn!