Unspun Wool from Iceland

  Icelandic Yarn from: Schoolhouse Press
I have no idea what I am going to knit with this wool. I do know once I get this post written I am going to cast-on and mess around with my unspun wool.  I am not a huge fan of that green so that will be the yarn I will play with as I think about what I might knit.  The two blues I just love.   For years, I have been wanting to knit with this unpsun wool. This was my birthday gift to myself this year.   

Schoolhouse Press has this to say about unspun Icelandic wool: 
"Un-Spun Icelandic— Extraordinary long-fibered fleece unique to Icelandic sheep produce the warmest wool we know."  
The other wonderful item I ordered for myself was this pattern which is called Pools in the River.  I am really taken by the textured work in this design.  
This pattern I am totally smitten with!  Elizabeth Zimmermann once again stuns me with her designs.  It is wonderful that her family keeps  sharing her work with us knitters.  This photo was taken with my iphone from Schoolhouse Press Pattern #45.

One other thing I love about Schoolhouse Press is that they wrap their yarn in paper.  I feel like, I stepped back in time when ever I open a package from them . . . a time when everything moved slower.  


Anonymous said…
They call it pencil roving around here, it takes some getting use to but it is so light yet warm. I'll be excited to see your F.O.
knitski said…
Thanks for the comment! I had completely forgotten that "pencil rovings" is another term used for this unspun wool. I will admit to being distracted by this unspun wool as I am in the middle of a rather huge amount of navy blue knitting.