Frozen Ground, Frost, Ice on the Puddles, Sky full of Stars & NORTHERN LIGHTS!

I finally feel like winter might actually be about to arrive here!  Usually by now I have some Ks of skiing on my skis.  This year for what ever strange weather pattern we have been having we have no snow and hardly a frozen ground to stand firmly on.  This mornings dog walk finally feels like WINTER is near. Winter is a busy time of the year for us as we run a small ski/biathlon program out here in Unalakleet. Once winter arrives for us we are all about skiing!

I love to see the lights here in the mornings on the dog walk.  I have found over the years that the morning lights are mostly white, and occasionally blueish-green.  They shimmer, dance and shoot across the sky.  Often, large bands of light, like this morning are curving and curling slowly across our sky.  I love the Northern Lights!  They fascinate me!  Did you know if you whistle at them according to local custom they will sing for you?  There are many legends about the lights and I need to ask more questions about those before I write about them to make sure I get them correct.

Here is to WINTER in all its glory!


Lynn said…
I miss that! The night skies in winter up North!