Fingerless Gloves

I was sent a wonderful pair of hand knit fingerless gloves as a birthday present.  Since these gloves have arrived they have been on every dog walk as I was told to use them!  As a knitter it is a great treat when you receive a hand knitted item!  As one knitter to the next gets it!  The work involved, the thought that went into the item, the yarn that was picked and used, the design, and of course the love that goes into a hand knitted item.

These were knitted with TOSK DK  100% superwash Merino, Antique Lace and Amber Tricket (don't you love that name) and the pattern is Gina's Wrister from Joseph's Coat in Missoula Montana.  This pattern is free and on Ravelry.  Thank you iusecreativejuices!

One of the things I like about these fingerless gloves is the design with two colors which gives a great feel to the glove.  The fit is spot on!

The first dog walk with winds clipping about 25 mph but no snow--ugh!
Winter and the lack of it is beginning to get to me a bit.  I have to admit I am tried of the rain and mud!  There I said it!  The temperatures need to drop and the ground needs to freeze up.  There have been years that I was skiing on my birthday.  The last few years no luck with that goal.   I really wish mother nature would do her job and push out this current weather pattern and get busy making winter!


Lynn said…
I love those stripes in the gloves. AND I can feel the UNK air on my skin in the picture of your walk.
Anonymous said…
I have to try these, very cool!!
knitski said…
I love this gloves and have been wearing them nonstop since their arrival.