Daylight: because someone will ask

I live in a rural Alaskan village.  This means you can not drive here but you can fly in, take a very long boat ride, come by dog sled like in the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, ski, ride a bike on the snow . . . but no matter what you can not drive here!  One of the most popular questions I would say most Alaskans get is "How can you stand the dark?"  First off it is not dark every where in Alaska during the winter months.  

Here in Unalakleet we live at approximately 63 degrees north and 160 degrees west. I enjoy many aspects of living this far north.  The light is always amazing with long wonderful shadows at certain times of the year. I appreciate how our daylight changes during the year and embrace the shorter hours of sunlight. One more reason I enjoy fall and winter so much is this change into the darker months.  The changing weather, storms, daylight, long hours of darkness are all very comforting.  

Here is a daylight chart for 2013 and you can make one for yourself at USNO


Lynn said…
What a great place to knit in. I bet you get some storms that make it cozy to just hole up with wool!