Cinnamon Rolls

I can not think of anything bad, or wrong about  cinnamon rolls !  I mean what is there not to love!  They smell wonderful, they taste great and the variety of cinnamon rolls out there in the world is endless. Sweden has a National Cinnamon Roll Day!

How can anyone not love a country that has a National Cinnamon Roll/Bun Day-----another reason to love Sweden in my books.  We even spent a whole summer bike touring around Sweden and Norway.  We were lucky to go back to Norway and ski one winter.  The Scandinavian part of the world is one of my favorite in the world.  No only is the land stunning, the people pleasant, but lets face it this culture can BAKE and let me add KNIT!  Back on topic . . .

Christian is our in house cinnamon roll baker and he makes my favorite rolls.  I am not a frosting fan but rather love the chewy brown sugar and nut topping, raisins, and abundance of cinnamon these rolls have----YUMMY! Below you will find Christian's Cinnamon Roll recipe that many people have asked for----pull out the floor, rollup your sleeves and bake away!

Brazil Nut/Walnut/Pecan Cinnamon Rolls clp2013
Enough for 12+ or so medium sized rolls on single med-large baking sheet. 
tsp = teaspoon; T = Tablespoon

2 pkg. (1⁄4 oz.) rapid rise yeast (~ 1 rounded of yeast)
Brown or White Sugarpage1image33200page1image33704 page1image34024
tsp. salt
page1image35136 page1image35296 page1image35616page1image36096cups lukewarm water
(warm to inside of wrist)
(Use extra 
1⁄4 cup if high elevation, 4000+m)
page1image37976 page1image38296
Mix yeast/honey/salt/sugar/water stock
& let all stand for 5-10 min. until foamy in a large bowl/pot. Stir a bit to break/mix yeast clumps.
(Important to read ahead)
Add 5+
cups of sifted flour in portions.
Mix flour by wooden spoon, then by hand till not sticky, scrape bowl sides. Knead in same bowl or surface till firm & elastic with a bit sticky & satiny texture &bit of a moisture feeling on surface. (~5 min)

Transfer to new bowl, sprinkle 1 T of olive oil over the dough and spin/flip/roll in bowl to coat evenly. Let rest/rise till ~ double in size in warm place with damp cloth covering for 20+ min, then punch down, then let re-rise 10+ min or longer & use.
You can use the dough immediately if you can’t wait, for it will rise ok as you prep & bake.
1) Cinnamon/Sugar Mix to sprinkle on rolled dough
Mix in small bowl, 1⁄2 cup white sugar + 1-2 T Cinnamon as you like. Set aside.
2) Cinnamon/Brown Sugar/Nut Topping to place beneath each roll (prepare as rising)
In med. pan, heat 1⁄2 cup butter, 1⁄2 cup brown sugar, 1⁄2 cup white sugar, 1-2 T cinnamon to taste, handful of Brasil nuts, walnuts, or pecans chopped. Stir until well mixed. DO NOT caramelize! Use low heat.
Roll out until 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch thick rectangle (~2–3x as long as wide) on a clean surface.
Coat rolled dough lightly with olive oil.
Cinnamon/Sugar Mix evenly over rolled surface. Spread by hand & leave far edge clear. Drop bits of 4–6 T of Cinnamon/Brown Sugar/Nut Topping about the surface (keep rest for topping). ALTERNATIVE Additions: Add sprinkle of raisins, craisins, or etc. if desired.
Now roll up on long side and seal when done on far edge with light pressure & “patch” if needed. Cut roll in half, then half again, & finally each into 3rds. Place 2-3 inch thick slices on oiled cookie sheet to give 12 rolls equally spaced.
Coat baking sheet with generous layer of olive oil. Lay 1/12th of cinnamon/brown sugar/nut topping under equally spaced location of each roll (3x4 spacing). Place rolls on topping & lightly pat.
Dribble olive oil on top & lightly pat oil even.
Bake @
375o F (~190oC) for 20-25 minutes (depends upon stove! Watch! Check @20 min.)
Swap ends at midpoint in time for equalized baking if needed.
Remove, cool for a minute, flip sheet onto another larger baking sheet to invert rolls before sticking. Scrape residual topping with wooden spoon and quickly place evenly on needy rolls
Share the cinnamon wealth, & Enjoy a few!

You can freeze cooked rolls paired, wrapped in foil & saran wrap in zip-lock bags. Just thaw in fridge and reheat 15 min. @350oF for “fresh” cinnamon effused morning.
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Lynn said…
I miss the weekend morning surprise cinnamon rolls on our doorknob!
knitski said…
Believe me I wish I could run some over to you!