Casting On: Bláithín by Kate Davies

Kate Davies is one of my favorite designers in the knitting world today.  (I also love Kate's blog, writing/research and photos!)  Over a year ago she designed and published this pattern: Bláithín.  I instantly fell in love with the design and the techniques she used in this sweater.  Typical of me, I was quick to purchase the pattern, then I bought my yarn at my favorite local Montana Yarn shoppe: Knit n' Needle.  The yarn I picked for this sweater is New England Highland from Harrisville Design.  I love 100% wool, I love real traditional yarn, and I love supporting long standing wool companies. (Oh don't get me wrong I will purchase wool from more recent start up companies as well but I am a traditionalist when it comes to my yarn.)

New England Highland Yarn from Harrisville Design.
Typical of me I have not started this project yet.  I have of coursed knitted several pairs of socks, mittens, hats, finished a few sweaters, some smaller fletted projects, and bought more yarn for a Fair Isle vest as well . . . I just can not knit one project at a time, just like I can not read one book at a time.

I did knit up a swatch and I am spot on for the gauge--yahoo!  4.5 sts per inch.  I tend to like a nice dense knit but this swatch gives a lighter fabric.  I am happy with the feel of the swatch and I will be casting on today.  I first need to figure out the amount of sts. as I don't ever follow a pattern exactly as written.  I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Zimmermann and Elizabeth Percentage System (EPS) to find out more please visit Schoolhouse Press. This design also has a bit of a flare at the bottom and some shaping.  I will not follow this part of the sweater, nor will I add any pockets, other than that I will be following the techniques Kate has incorporated in her design.

Bláithín swatch which is actually a true navy blue.