Bláithín Sweater

My Bláithín sweater is coming right along.  I was able to get the provisional crochet cast-on easily mastered and on my needles.  I used a sock yarn for this as it would shed the least amount.  I did wonder if this crochet cast-on yarn should be the same gauge as my sweater yarn.  I went with the sock yarn as  it wouldn't shed, is very durable, as the only yarn in the same weight I was afraid might shed.

Provisional Crochet Cast-on in Opal Cotton Sock Yarn

Once I got the twisting out of the cast-on *****warning here you need to be patient with this step!   I am sailing along in circles for 17 inches.

I placed coil-less safety pins every 50 sts. so I only have to count this amount twice.   I casted on 214 sts. 6 sts are for the steek and 208 sts are for the body.
I am off to a good start.  I do place sts. markers for the front steek  and the side seam if there was to be a side seam.
My favorite yarn shoppe in Montana  Knit 'N Needle used one of my photos to show off some wonderful fall yarns.  I love the combination.  Today it is 43F here and I wish our snow was back pronto!