Smoking Salmon & Tundra Walk

Fall has certainly arrived here in Unalakleet.  When you live this far north (63.8789° N, 160.7897° W) seasons are all just off a bit.  In late August, the tundra starts to change colors ever so slightly.  Then all of a sudden the final burst of colors arrive before we move onto the the browns and then the world of white. Just a few more photos of fall.

Yesterday in between smoking salmon we were able to get out for a nice walk on the tundra.
Salmon getting ready to head into the smoker.  This batch was smoked with cherry wood, and then a Fiery Chile Fusion from The Spice Hunter
We use a Bradley Smoker for our salmon. We have also smoked cheese which has come out wonderful.
Colors from the tundra:

The village of Unalakleet sits on Norton Sound.  It is a large village of about 725 people.  Which may seem small to the outside world, but this is a good size rural Alaska village.
Sadie enjoying her tundra run looking east into the hills.
"The Girls" and I on the tundra we love so much!