Shopping and Shipping Food for Rural Alaska

I can actually write a lot about this topic but I won't!  Let me just say that once a year we buy much of the food (dry goods) we will need for the school year while we are in Anchorage.  We head to Costco and drop between $1,500 to $1,800 every August.  Then we come back to the hotel and pack all of this food into totes, zip tie the totes, haul totes to the post office, and mail them to ourselves.  This is a very normal thing to do here in Alaska.  It is exhausting, and challenging.  I am not a shopper and one needs to be ready to mount the yearly Costco shopping assault.  We do order meat that is shipped out to us, and organic produce which is shipped to us weekly from Full Circle Farms.
The joys of shipping food.


Celia said…
Hi Nancy! There's something 'romantic' about this, no? Maybe not while you're doing it...but it makes for a great story and will make for fond memories later! Hello to Christian.
knitski said…
I finally our internet is working faster! Yes "romantic" in away you are right. It is fun buying treats for the year as long as you don't eat the treats early in the year. I like buying yarn better! Hope all is well in Japan!