Fall on the Tundra

Winter is my favorite season with fall a very close second in the season line up.  I love the cool crisp air, the deep blue sky, and here in Alaska the changing colors on the tundra.  After living overseas for many years, all I wanted was to be back with FOUR real seasons.  I longed to see the trees change colors!  Once in Alaska, I realized fall is a completely different beast.  The trees turn color but the real colors are on the tundra.  We live pretty far north which means fall is happening now!

Blueberries!  This year the berries have been fabulous!  This photo is from a week ago while things were still green.
Looking down at Unalakleet, Norton Sound, and the Unalakleet River.  The hills are staring to turn yellowish-gold to brown.

This is fall on the tundra!  Look at these colors! Berries and plants changing colors that rival any maple in my books!

I am not sure what this red plant is called.  I really need to learn its name!  Lichen in the back ground with a bit of Ayu.