COFFEE as in Expresso!

I am on a bit of a roll here this a.m. with the blog.  One thing I love about blogging is it is jut fun to write and to share a bit of my world which is not always in order! (Bear with me.)  I know I have a lot of people checking in to read this blog which is great.  So let me just say that many of the post I am posting today is cleaning up the "To Do List" I have for the blog.

I love coffee and tea!  I am a picky coffee drinker!  I want good coffee and prefer organic med-dark roast and some dark roast coffees.  The Unalakleet Nordic Ski Program sells coffee from Grounds For Change as a fund raiser. From each large box of coffee we sell we are able to purchase either a pair of skis and bindings or race boots and poles.  This company is wonderful to work with and has a great product!

After visiting my friend WoolnWords this summer I decided once back in Alaska I needed a small expresso maker.  I did in fact order a small one!  I mean small not thinking European Expresso it is a truly a 1 cup expresso maker. Being the American I am, I realized I needed to order a larger expresso maker, so I could have my America size cup or coffee.  WoolnWords went to Italy last year and this is why she is the expert on Italian Expresso in my books.  So off to Amazon I went!  I ordered this VEV expresso maker which is stainless steal as our house hold is funny about using stainless steal and frother.  The Aerolatte Milk Frother works like a charm! Below you can see my first cappuccino--oh so yummy!  I also use decaf coffee in the afternoon and evening or I will be up all night!  I am sure some of you think decaf is sacrilegious, but for me I enjoy the flavor and process of a nice cappuccino late in the day or after dinner.

That hot pad was knitted from Malabrigo left overs and then felted in the washer.
I also ordered a 4 cup expresso maker last night.  I hope the 4 cup works as great as my 1 cup VEV expresso make!