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Shopping and Shipping Food for Rural Alaska

I can actually write a lot about this topic but I won't!  Let me just say that once a year we buy much of the food (dry goods) we will need for the school year while we are in Anchorage.  We head to Costco and drop between $1,500 to $1,800 every August.  Then we come back to the hotel and pack all of this food into totes, zip tie the totes, haul totes to the post office, and mail them to ourselves.  This is a very normal thing to do here in Alaska.  It is exhausting, and challenging.  I am not a shopper and one needs to be ready to mount the yearly Costco shopping assault.  We do order meat that is shipped out to us, and organic produce which is shipped to us weekly from Full Circle Farms.

COFFEE as in Expresso!

I am on a bit of a roll here this a.m. with the blog.  One thing I love about blogging is it is jut fun to write and to share a bit of my world which is not always in order! (Bear with me.)  I know I have a lot of people checking in to read this blog which is great.  So let me just say that many of the post I am posting today is cleaning up the "To Do List" I have for the blog.

I love coffee and tea!  I am a picky coffee drinker!  I want good coffee and prefer organic med-dark roast and some dark roast coffees.  The Unalakleet Nordic Ski Program sells coffee from Grounds For Change as a fund raiser. From each large box of coffee we sell we are able to purchase either a pair of skis and bindings or race boots and poles.  This company is wonderful to work with and has a great product!

After visiting my friend WoolnWords this summer I decided once back in Alaska I needed a small expresso maker.  I did in fact order a small one!  I mean small not thinking European Expresso it is…

ChurchMouse Classics Koigu Linen Stitch Scarf: Update

I just love knitting this scarf! Koigu yarn is just a delight to work with, because of its wonderful bright colors.  To me, it is like knitting a flower box that is overflowing with blossoms. This scarf is making progress and I am just at 3 inches in width and will knit until it is about 5 inches wide.  You cast-on 450 sts. so knitting one row is a good accomplishment.   This older post will give you more detail on the scarf just scroll down a bit.  This pattern and yarn can be purchased at:

Smoking Salmon & Tundra Walk

Fall has certainly arrived here in Unalakleet.  When you live this far north (63.8789° N, 160.7897° W) seasons are all just off a bit.  In late August, the tundra starts to change colors ever so slightly.  Then all of a sudden the final burst of colors arrive before we move onto the the browns and then the world of white. Just a few more photos of fall.

Yesterday in between smoking salmon we were able to get out for a nice walk on the tundra.
Colors from the tundra:

Fall on the Tundra

Winter is my favorite season with fall a very close second in the season line up.  I love the cool crisp air, the deep blue sky, and here in Alaska the changing colors on the tundra.  After living overseas for many years, all I wanted was to be back with FOUR real seasons.  I longed to see the trees change colors!  Once in Alaska, I realized fall is a completely different beast.  The trees turn color but the real colors are on the tundra.  We live pretty far north which means fall is happening now!

I Use Creative Juices at ETSY

I have a long time friend who is an amazing artist!  She studied years ago at New York City School of Fine Arts.  She is a photographer, painter, knitter, needle felter, seamstress, well her talents run deep and her etsy shop I Use Creative Juices really sums up her talents.  Theresa does sell her items at the local Farmers Market in Whitefish, Montana.  She also has her online Etsy shop as well.  If you are looking for some unusual gifts for some one or something different for yourself have a look and I am sure you will be impressed!

Below you will see a bag she needled felted for lucky ME!  Theresa was able to put so many aspects of what I love to do into this needle felted bag---really amazing.  Snow on pine trees, northern lights in the sky, skiers, mittens in blue my favorite color with dog paw prints for our two dogs, and the orange parts are a ski hat and tassel.