Forest Service Cabin Tour: Hogan Creek, Twin Lakes, Canyon Creek, and Stoney Creek (July 2013)

This summer we rented 4 different forest service cabins in Montana.  Renting the old forest service cabins is something we really enjoy and it is camping on the easy side.  Plus, the dogs enjoy getting out of the bugs if needed.  Cooking can be a bit fancier. We brought our bikes on this trip for a bit of biking and we did some hiking too.

Our first cabin was Hogan Creek Cabin.  This cabin we have skied into during the winter and we have wanted to get back to it in the summer.  It sits on the edge of a nice meadow.  We did some biking in the area but like many of the forest service trails they are not maintained and we were climbing over dead fall which I HATE!  I become very pissy about hiking and hauling my bike up and over down trees.  I would recommend hiking in the area instead.
Hogan Cabin
Evening photo inside
Enjoying some reading time with my buddy
Sadie!  My constant companion who I love dearly and spoil always!

Early morning dog walk in the meadow.
Early morning
Breakfast, toast, coffee, and other yummy treats.
My other dear companion Tally in the Bear Grass taking a break on the mountain bike ride.
"The Girls" Tally and Sadie on the mtn. bike ride.
A little single track up high with view towards Lost Trail Ski area.
Riding single track through the Lupine . . . bliss!
Christian working his way through the rocks.

Morning coffee
Morning knitting, outside, with coffee and some great yarn who can ask for more!?

The next cabin we were off to is outside of  Wisdom, Montana and up in the    mountains.  This cabin although it was nice it was right in a campground.  I would give this cabin a miss next time.  We were there during the week and one of about 5 groups in the whole campground. We did get in one day of hiking.  I got in a day of knitting and reading as someone drove themselves to Wisdom  to have a certain finger checked for stitches!  We finally or I should say a certain person did get a few stitches at a great clinic in Dillion later.

Twin Lakes cabin which does sit in a campground.
Reading with a view
Hike up towards a pass were we had hoped to find a lake, but we found the "Montana Air Force" mosquitos galore!
Old miners cabin as this part of Montana has an abundance of mining claims.
At our turn around point as we were all sick of the mosquitos.
Sadie and Tally recovering from the massive amount of miles they covered.
Lower Twin lake and we hiked to that pass in the far distance.
This is where I spent most of my day reading and knitting. I was waiting for a certain person to return from Wisdom with a cut open finger. 
Later we drove up a pretty good dirt road until the last section.  We found snow and a great lake.
Tally the water dog she loves chasing a stick!
Tally's favor thing is to get air as she jumps into the water.
My DH and photographer!

Next we were off to Canyon Creek north out of Dillion.  We had to go into Dillion to reload on ice, food, and to get some stitches.  The "Rainbow Family" was in the area for their big gathering and this added some color to the community.  I can highly recommend this cabin and we be returning to it in the future: great fishing, hiking, biking and general exploring abounds in this area.

On the way into the cabin one can stop and see this excellent site on the Charcoal Kilns.
The Kilns are easy to walk around and well maintained.

Canyon Creek Cabin as cute as can be and well loved!

Below me and just a bit of a walk is the river.


Hiking in the lupine up above the cabin.  Also notice the finger . . .
Evening fire with my gal Sadie.
Breakfast in the early morning sun.
The next cabin sits across from a campground. I didn't enjoy this spot much as it was very hot, dry, and dusty.  Up the road is a nice swimming hole in Stoney Creek.  Stoney Creek Cabin is in good shape but like many of the cabins they need screens int he windows so one can have some fresh cool air.

Cooling off in Stoney Creek.
Tally enjoying her air time.
Before she gets her stick and Sadie just wanting to bug Tally. 
Stoney Creek Cabin to the right about 6 feet is the road.

Great hiking around the Rock Creek area.