Closing of Summer . . . (July 2013)

I love our time in Montana every year but that time does come to an end.  We do the "reverse migration" as I like to call it.  No matter what one needs to get back to work and well we all know how that goes . . . I enjoy taking photos to help remind me the rest of the world is out there in mid-winter when it is -30 with howling winds.  Some of these photos are from my last summer bike ride.

Whitefish Lake and this is City Beach.  Big Mountain is in the back ground although its name has been changed to "Whitefish Resort." It will always be Big Mountain to me.  This poor mountain has had a lot of name changes and I wish they would use it original "Hell Roaring."
Big Mountain, huge round hay bails, and the ever present Burlington Northern Train.
Huge rectangle hay bails with Big Mountain.
The front porch . . .

Chairs waiting for our return . . .
Sadie is that a C-A-T over there . . . ?
The girls after a river swim.
Summer is not summer with out the grill!