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Closing of Summer . . . (July 2013)

I love our time in Montana every year but that time does come to an end.  We do the "reverse migration" as I like to call it.  No matter what one needs to get back to work and well we all know how that goes . . . I enjoy taking photos to help remind me the rest of the world is out there in mid-winter when it is -30 with howling winds.  Some of these photos are from my last summer bike ride.

Forest Service Cabin Tour: Hogan Creek, Twin Lakes, Canyon Creek, and Stoney Creek (July 2013)

This summer we rented 4 different forest service cabins in Montana.  Renting the old forest service cabins is something we really enjoy and it is camping on the easy side.  Plus, the dogs enjoy getting out of the bugs if needed.  Cooking can be a bit fancier. We brought our bikes on this trip for a bit of biking and we did some hiking too.

Our first cabin was Hogan Creek Cabin.  This cabin we have skied into during the winter and we have wanted to get back to it in the summer.  It sits on the edge of a nice meadow.  We did some biking in the area but like many of the forest service trails they are not maintained and we were climbing over dead fall which I HATE!  I become very pissy about hiking and hauling my bike up and over down trees.  I would recommend hiking in the area instead.

The next cabin we were off to is outside of  Wisdom, Montana and up in the    mountains.  This cabin although it was nice it was right in a campground.  I would give this cabin a miss next time.  We were …