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My Local Yarn Shop the Knit 'n Needle

Don't you just love your local yarn shop!  I know, I love my favorite local shop and for me it is truly a local shop.  I just have to walk out my front door and walk 3.5 blocks right to the front of door of Knit 'n Needle.  Not only is there a great sales staff but this warm cozy shoppe is full of great yarns and accessories.  If you are a fan of Ravelry they have a wonderful online group.  If you are saying to yourself "What the heck is Ravelry?" Don't worry just click on the link and check it out.  As many of us describe Ravelry to the non-knitting population (is there such a thing) we often say it is the facebook for knitters only so much more!

I wanted to include some of the great items I purchase this year at the Knit 'n Needle's annual sale.  One of my favorite purchases which I am just loving are my Addi Click needles.  I have had other interchangeable needles but of course typical of Addi these needles out shine the rest.

Another great item that I …

Fiber-Friends and Seattle

In June my dear fiber-friend from Unalakleet and I met up in Seattle for a fiber visit.   Since "woolnwords" has moved on from UNK (as it is locally known up north) we decided we would meet up every year some place to knit, explore yarn shops and 'fiber related things."  I felt a bit like the Country Mouse (from Alaska/Montana) visiting the City Mouse (who grow up outside of Seattle and now lives in eastern Washington).  The trip was wonderful!

City Mouse completely comfortable with city travel! I must say traveling by ferry is still one of my all time favorite ways to travel.
Leaving Seattle behind as we head out to Bainbridge Island.

Do you see those orange boxes on the shelf in the distances?  You may ask what is the big deal about those boxes?  Those boxes are one of the many little things that makes our lives in the far north wonderful!  Once a week in UNK we receive  fresh box of produce from Full Circle Farms.  Here in the Seattle area they also make delivers…

Biking and Paddle Boarding

We had a great day yesterday!  We all need to get out and enjoy what Montana has to offer during the summer.  We are right on the edge of a heat wave for Montana and luckily for us we have not gotten the higher temperatures that others have been recording.